Are you a farmer? As a matter of fact I am. I classify myself as an urban farmer. I’m a farmer in the same context as our founding fathers. I farm to put food on the table, and if along the way I can help feed a neighbor I do…I have no intentions to make it a commercial enterprise.

Often folks misunderstand the word Agriculture to strictly mean farming, but in reality it has far greater meaning.

Agriculture is in fact a science, art, or occupation concerned with cultivating land, raising crops, and feeding, breeding, land management, raising livestock; but underlying all of this…Agriculture improves social welfare, a steady heathy diet supports not just an individual, but rather an entire community…Agriculture is the foundation that sustains and builds an economy.

So I ask the question, what is your agricultural connection? Is it possible to assign a score to your Ag connectivity?

Do you work for the Health Dept? If so, then you’re dealing with food safety. A key role in sustaining a healthy community.

Are you affiliated with a welfare organization? Then most likely you’re promoting food nutrition, a science of agriculture.

Do you visit the Farmers Market? Then you’re supporting and promoting a buy local economy.

As contractor, have you ever used land surveys to prepare a site location in order to curtail flooding and land erosion? Best land management practices certainly gives you a connectivity point or two.

Farming is vitally important to a community, but as you can see you, you too are intertwined with the greater agriculture community. You are part of a culture. Your agricultural connection is simply being part of a community.

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