Dear County Committee Executive Chair,

Times are different. Campaigns are different. We’ve have adapted and modified how we conduct our personal interactions. Reluctantly, we have had to change the primary date and cancel events, events that were months in the planning. Please know I commend you on your quick response and leadership during these difficult days.

Campaigns will continue. Those with the resources will focus on direct mail and media. Others will focus on social media in which to get their message out to voters…or a combination of the above.

As your State Senator social media has allowed me a direct and immediate communication with the residents of the State of West Virginia. Be it, education issues, Right to Work, budget issues, etc. I’ve effectively kept residents informed and inside the loop. It’s allowed those unable to attend sessions to experience a virtual open door policy.

As your next Commissioner of Agriculture I intend to keep this open door policy in place. Keeping residents apprised of the changes with the Department, new program development and program outreach. WV Agriculture is uniquely situated to see growth across all segments, but only if the energy and vision are managed.

Communication is key to growth. Let’s grow West Virginia together.

Be safe, and we will see you after the primary.

Bob Beach

WV State Senator

Candidate for WV Commissioner of Agriculture