Press Release: August 20, 2020   


Morgantown, WV – State Senator and candidate for West Virginia Commissioner of Agriculture Bob Beach, sets his sights on new school construction.

Bob Beach a long time member of both legislative committees of Agriculture and Education hopes to combine both experiences in an effort to have new school construction projects include greenhouses.

“Throughout the course of this campaign and on numerous occasions, I have received calls from teachers seeking resources for greenhouse construction. As such, I began exploring methods to implement this type of construction into the design and development of new projects.” Beach offered.

Beach determined that perhaps the easiest path would be through the School Building Authority, creating legislation that would mandate greenhouse construction for any new project and to those facilities where upgrades are made to existing facilities. Beach went on to say, “This would mean construction at all levels. Be it elementary, middle, or high school.”

The legislation currently planned would require the size of the greenhouse addition to be based on the size of the school. Careful consideration must be given, whereas a 240 sq. ft. facility would suffice for an elementary class, but far too small for a high school class.  It would be preferred that each school have a unit large enough to accommodate the entire class at one time.   

Beach contends this will be a priority of the Department of Agriculture once elected. “I clearly see greenhouses as nothing more than an additional class room shared by biology teachers and Ag. Science teachers alike. The benefit this brings to the student is multi-faceted and enhances a wide range of curriculum. Children need to understand where the food comes from and how to feed themselves later in life, while older students need to understand you can build a career within a growing agricultural sector.”