Press Release

Dear Herald- Dispatch Readers, Earlier this week my response to the Editorial Board was not included in the forum questions regarding the Commissioner of Agriculture race. Please know this is not a reflection on the Editorial Board but rather my mistake not meeting...

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Endorsements, WV Commissioner of Agriculture

Endorsements 2020 •AFL-CIO •American Federation of Teachers-WV •United Mine Workers of American •International Union of Operating Engineers •United Steel Workers •WV Communication Workers of America •WV Building and Construction Trades •WV-AFT, Harrison Co. •WV School...

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Rule of Ten

First and foremost, we should have a WV Department of Agriculture that’s responsive. Communication is essential. Secondly, we acknowledge Agriculture as economic development. Third, we acknowledge all agricultural operations are important, regardless of size. Fourth,...

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Letter to Committee Executive Chairs

Dear County Committee Executive Chair, Times are different. Campaigns are different. We’ve have adapted and modified how we conduct our personal interactions. Reluctantly, we have had to change the primary date and cancel events, events that were months in the...

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Change Requires Changes

Our lives have changed, which means changes are required. I think it would behoove West Virginia to self-examine what we have learned by this current crisis. Obviously it has exposed our weaknesses and our lack of readiness. Without a doubt we can all say West...

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High Tunnel Tutorial – 2019

Bob Beach, current WV State Senator and candidate for WV Agricultural Commissioner, shows us the process of building his High Tunnel setup on his property. View on Youtube

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What is your Ag connectivity score?

Are you a farmer? As a matter of fact I am. I classify myself as an urban farmer. I’m a farmer in the same context as our founding fathers. I farm to put food on the table, and if along the way I can help feed a neighbor I do…I have no intentions to make it a...

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I was raised in farm ponds and hay lofts.

My home community of Fort Martin was made of 100 people, with one church and one community building. Farms lined both sides of the three mile stretch that cut a swath through the grassy community. Summers were made of long days in the hay field and mending fence when...

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Announcement Video via Facebook Live

Today, this 156th Birthday of WV I am excited to formally announce my candidacy for WV Commissioner of Agriculture. This day sets in motion a time for renewed vitality within the Dept of Agriculture.   Posted by Bob Beach on Thursday, June 20, 2019

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