Growing West Virginia

As your Senator I’ve learned that our greatest resource is our people here in West Virginia, and the entrepreneurial spirit of our farming communities are second to none.

I’m campaigning for Commissioner of Agriculture because I believe our State Government should work for these folks and not against them. We need to prioritize pipelines for access to state and federal grants, helping small local farms get a leg up and a solid foundation. We must protect our operating family farms from the pressures of big monopolies, and clear the way for economic growth here in the Mountain State.

We need to eliminate restrictions on growing hemp and encourage every other opportunity for development of agriculture beyond the field. Together we can build a greater economy, and better food choices for all West Virginians.

I’ll need your help to get us there. Please sign up as a volunteer to stay up to date on our campaign and donate to help us spread the message. 

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our campaign. 

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Over 70,000 medical workers have caught the coronavirus in Mexico, where the pandemic death toll is now the third-highest worldwide.

With @HLGatell, @ICNurses, @OECD

Pirate fans. The first baseball game ever broadcast on radio was a Pittsburgh Pirates versus Philadelphia game on August 5, 1921. The game was broadcast by KDKA of Pittsburgh, and the Pirates defeated the Phillies 8-5. It was broadcast by KDKA staff announcer Harold Arlin.

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